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Partner's Podium

In this Partners' Podium Breakdown, we're walking through the growing pains Ohio Valley Physicians faced.  After half a decade of growth, resulting in a footprint spread across theAppalachian region...
OVP had its fair share of HR & Benefit constraints... 
Then we got to work. 

A workforce with extremely diverse employee demographics and compensation levels


Three business units participate in the Benefits Program, totaling 30+ Healthcare Facilities 


Rapid expansion  and a  regional footprint inevitably lead to HR & Benefit issues



$500,000 in Annual Savings 

Our team put together a strategy to accomplish 3 Goals:

  1. Reduce Medical Insurance Expenditure
  2. StreamLine Benefits Management 
  3. Educate Employees

Get the full breakdown and hear what the CFO has to say about our Partnership

We Excel at Partnership.

Hear from Our Partners!

“The decision to work with the Aegis Team was made three weeks out from our renewal date. Within days, they built our company a customized enrollment software that delivered an Open Enrollment experience that we had never experienced. On the contract side, their team was able to save our company over $500,000 (30%) in medical insurance premiums while also reducing our employees out of pocket exposure. Fast forward two years and two Open Enrollments later, the Aegis Team continues to keep our company's HR Department and Benefits Program ahead of the Technology, Healthcare, and Compliance curves. Their broad level of expertise is second to none and the support provided to our HR Department is unmatched.”
600 Employees, 30 Locations, 6 States 
Stacy Shy




“At first I was skeptical of what the Aegis team claimed was possible, simply due to the complexity of our organizational structure and level of turnover. Once our onboarding was complete and our Payroll, Carrier and Cobra integrations were live, the value of Aegis's services were very apparent. It was difficult to trust the program at first because nearly every benefit related task, including Open Enrollment, had been automated. Our Account Executive at Aegis is Hunter Massie, he has been an extremely valuable extension of our HR team!”
1,200 Employees, 90 Locations, 3 States


Michelle Gibson
Human Resources Director
RRG Logo
"Due to our company's rapid growth, the need for structured employee management processes and an attractive employee benefits program became apparent. Before our work with the Aegis team, our company was managing employees through Quickbooks and didn't have a benefits program in place. Benefits were the first priority and the Aegis team worked quickly. Within a week, they had structured a plan of action including a full benefits program, an employee education campaign, and the implementation of a benefits administration software. The program their team produced for our company far exceeds the offerings of our competitors and puts the financial protection of employees first by offering them a $0 deductible medical plan. The next week we kicked off the education campaign and began open enrollment. Looking back, the overall process was extremely smooth and transparent. Our leadership team is proud of the benefits we now provide and our employees are very grateful."
80 Employees, 4 Locations


William Lockwood
"The Aegis team worked quickly to ensure our firm had a top-notch Open Enrollment experience our initial onboarding year. Within one week, the Aegis team implemented benefits administration software, reworked our benefits structure to maximize offerings, and produced class-specific educational materials for our staff members. It was the smoothest Open Enrollment we've experienced and the second Open Enrollment the following year was even smoother. Their dedicated staff helped us automate our new-hire onboarding process and integrated our Carriers, TPA, and Cobra provider, making my job exponentially easier. I never want to go back to how we handled these tasks before."
60 Employees, 2 Locations 


Jonathan Palmer
Firm Administrator
“The benefits program that Aegis has constructed allows our companies to provide a benefit offering that greatly exceeds that of competitors in our market from a cost and coverage standpoint. The technology, services, and customer support offered by Aegis truly is top notch.”
120 Employees, 3 Locations 


Michelle Bisset
Human Resources Director
“In the fall of 2021, Tyler and his team at AegisInsure helped our company select health insurance coverage, along with other benefits, at rates our PEO company could no longer provide.  We liked the face-to-face meetings with the Aegis Team, and that they made themselves readily available.  The Aegis Team continued to check in with our office throughout the year, and recently introduced us to our new payroll system that works with our HR system.  We will continue to work with the Aegis Team, and recommend them for your company.”
40 Employees, 2 Locations


Sean Wilson

Human Resources Consulting

HR is hard enough, let our consultants evaluate your technology and processes. Well show your team some HR tips & tricks along the way and make sure your checking all the boxes.

Compliance Support

Let our team dive into your current filing and reporting processes to make sure within compliance. After our initial audit, we'll make sure you have systems in place to streamline reporting & plan document obligations


Better Benefits

Our expert benefit brokers take a deep dive into your medical claims and historical plan information. We tailor long-term strategies that deliver a competitive edge to our client partners on a variety of fronts.

Enrollment Simplified

Open enrollment is a time to reengage your workforce by reminding them of the additional benefits you provide. Our team takes this task off your place and produces engagement campaigns and recruiting materials branded to your company!